Designed by the Research + Practice Collaboratory, this 1.5 day workshop at UCLA will engage your proposal teams with different models of research-practice partnerships (RPPs), strategies and tools for forming and maintaining RPPs, and data collection and analysis approaches well-suited to RPPs. Additionally, cognizant NSF program officers will present the goals of the new initiative and criteria for competitive proposals. This hands-on workshop will provide teams time to work on their actual research questions, designs, and proposals.

Teams that are eligible to apply to the CSforAll RPP program are encouraged to apply to the workshops.

Objectives of these workshops include:

  1. Generate interest, among workshop participants, of the value of research-practice partnerships in supporting equity-oriented STEM education improvement efforts and sustainability.
  2. Advance understanding, among participants, about how to form and maintain robust RPPs.
  3. Support participating teams’ development of research questions and project designs/proposals that can benefit from RPPs to advance both practice and theory.